Agriculture Management

The team is working on the application of technology for the benefit of agricultural farmers. Agriculture has sustained human life till now by providing a constant supply of food and occupation. Detection of newer pests and other crop-damaging insects has been one of the unresolved challenges for the farmers. Today’s technology can come in handy for this issue. Machine vision and image processing together can provide a solution to detect insects at a stage of crop growth where the damage could be prevented or reduced. The major problem with the farmers is the identification of the unhealthiness in the crops, especially when the field becomes dense. The dense field makes it difficult for the farmer to manually get inside the fields and check the healthiness. This problem provides an avenue for Drone utilization. Hence it is identified that the drones fitted with an infrared camera can be used to obtain images of the crop leaves as per the farmer requirements. These images are then processed with MATLAB/Open CV. Tools for processing, image enhancement, and segmentation to identify the diseases in plants. This is proposed to be done by comparing the obtained images with the database images of healthy leaves. This diagnosis will help the farmers to identify the disease and use appropriate disinfectants/fertilizers to solve the insect-related problems.

  • Anomaly detection in crops using machine vision.
  • Drone based imaging in the insect affected crop fields.

  • Creation of a team of motivated faculties and students who collectively worked for progressing the concept in the previous year.
  • Internal Competence Building of the team and identifying the major objective of project under Precision Agriculture.
  • Village visits by the team to identify the issues in the various crops.
  • Visited to GKVK by the faculty and students for envisioning various agriculture based projects.
  • Workshop Conducted for the Surveying Using Drone.
  • Training Given on “Robotic Process Automation and Bot” in association with Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) to Provide an overview of the various components of software, including Development, Runtime Client and Control Room.

  • Identify the project partners for Collaboration.
  • Accomplishing the Survey Using Drone for Campus Infrastructure management.
  • Smart Farming Using UAV integration.